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"As an investor and property manager, I would not think of buying a property without calling Integrity Inspections. They have saved me thousands of dollars. "

Cheryl Hurley

"John was extremely kind and professional. He took the time to talk to myself and my wife before the inspection and spoke to us in terms we could understand about his job. John also was very good at dealing with our first time home buying experience. Thank you John!

S.G., March 2015

"John White is extremely thorough and careful in his inspections. We appreciate him noticing every important detail. He is very honest and straightforward about any concerns he may have. Additionally, he takes the time to both point out potential problems and explain why it's a problem. He offers helpful insight and is a great resource for any potential homebuyer. "

K.B., June 2015

"It was a pleasure meeting you. My husband and I feel very satisfied and pleased with the inspection and the reporting we received. "

M.D., June 2015

"We received a complete inspection. John gave us detailed information and provided a thorough report. Would highly recommend. "

T.V., May 2015

"John White is very knowledgeable and personable at the inspections. His reports are fact based and clear which makes them useful for both the buyer and the agents involved in the transaction. "

C.A., Rochester NY, August 2014

"I buy investment real estate. We have used John White to inspect our last 4 property purchases, both residential and commercial. John does very thorough work. His analysis, detail and completeness have allowed me to have a complete understanding of my real estate purchase with all risks identified. This has been very invaluable in negotiating appropriate seller concessions. I recommend John's work to anyone considering a real estate purchase. Using Integrity Inspections is money well spent. I use John on all my property purchases and I will continue to do so in the future."

B.T., October 2013